First micrometer Tag Heuer Microtimer

First micrometer has several excellent

First micrometer has several excellent characteristics that define the afforestation precision. Making it well suite for timing F1 races. Where it counts to a thousandth of a second. In F1 race timing mode. The clock lap indicator can indicate the number of laps pass with a maximum of 80 laps. It can also show general maturity in addition to the special characteristics above.

Like other chronographs. It also has an alarm function and can beep for one minute. As the main purpose of a durable watch, it also displays the date. mean water resistant to 100 meters and also scratch resistant. Thanks to the anti-reflective sapphire crystal and back light,

First micrometer Tag Heuer Microtimer

First micrometer Tag Heuer Microtimer

accessed by owners

the exact time is easily visible and can be access by owners, even in the dark. A low battery indicator is also include on the device so that warns users to replace the battery before it runs out. The battery saver feature is also built into the water. As which turns off the clock display when not in use and replaces the display with a screen protector.

highly sophisticate and unique

A highly sophisticate and unique watch. Micrometer is carefully design to time sporting so events with unmatche precision. Being so  the first to introduce such an extraordinary chronograph to the industry is definitely a testament to the quality of Heuer watches. The price of a micrometer is approx. $ 1,300.

wide range of luxury watches

There is a wide range of luxury watches in various designs, colors and prices on the market. Some are simple, some are sophisticate, some are informal, and some are formal. No matter so what style you are looking for, so you can always find one that perfectly suits your personality and goes well with the clothes you are wearing.


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