Printed Circuit Board Design: Then and Now

printed circuit for those of you wondering. What a print circuit board is. It is a shiny copper device. That carries circuitry and is found inside your electronic devices. Be it your cell phone, computer mouse, laptop or any other electronic device. The electronic card is an integral part of this device. Let’s understand and know more about how it turn out.  as the various technologies use in the design of printed circuit boards began to develop from the 20th century. info technology hub

Printed Circuit Board Design: Then and Now

Printed Circuit Board Design: Then and Now

as printed circuit became world famous.

printed circuit for In 1904 he became world famous. Thomas Edison conduct several experiments using chemical techniques use to stimulate conductors in linen paper. Paul Eisner of Austria invent the printed circuit board in 1936. Originally, electrical boards were invent specifically to design radio sets.  so the US Army also use a PCB layout for radios for use by soldiers during WWII.

official use of PCBs

Once the Unite States government authorize the official use of PCBs. Commercial companies began to use them as well. In the past, when the military and business people use printed circuit design.  Point-to-point structuring method was applies. Prototypes use by the entrepreneurs use wire traps in addition to tower panels.

technological development

Before printed circuit, the technological development. We enjoy today.printed circuit in electronic equipment contain wires. Were connect to openings in panels. Technology of assembling electronic devices is known as hatch construction.

assembly process emerge

A new assembly process emerge in 1949. When two army officers laid cables for electronic devices, in an arrangement made of copper foil. Later; Dip welding was Carrie out, and the different parts were fuse. This method has become an integral part of the print circuit board.

manufacturing process

manufacturing process use by many manufacturers today. However, there is a downside to putting this method into practice. A lot of time and effort is wast making the holes, and more cables are waste. When the manufacturing process is complete.

surface mount

Today, people often prefer to use surface mount parts. Because the demand for small package electronic devices is accelerating. It is not an exaggeration to say, so that the technologies for creating electronic whiteboards, so have open new doors to innovations and ideas aim at making the electronic devices that we use in our day to day lives.


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